JW Bodine takes 3rd in King of the Mountain, Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Omnium, IHBC Results

James Bodine took a combined Road/MTB Omnium race podium after a 3rd place finish in the Mountain bike race on Sunday.

Road Race Highlights:

Team domestic’s Keith and Sean worked the front of the pack in the Animas Valley to pull JW to the first climb at bottom of the infamous Shalona Hill. After 12.7 miles, and 23.5 MPH AVG speed, Keith and Sean pulled to the side and let Bodine and the rest of the climber’s race on.

JW: 15th

Keith: 25th

Sean: 31st

Sarah Slaughter:  Raced the Women’s age group to take 9th place. Nice job Sarah!


MTB Race on Sunday:

Warm weather and no wind on Sunday made for a perfect day to do some dirt laps around the college, and show off in front of large crowds in downtown Durango.

Bodine IHBC MTB 1

The course had two steep hills with loose, rocky terrain. The crux of which being Chapman Hill, with a 29% grade over the top. Lots of spectators around the course, and a great vibe throughout the day!

MTB XC Results:

JW Bodine: 3rd

Keith Ashmore: 6th

Steve Koller: 17th

A great weekend of racing the local roads and trails, representing Colavita, 3D Racing, Carver Brewing, RUST, Ritchey, XFUSION, Vittoria Tires, ImageNET, Ashes Away, BIKEReg.com

Steve Koller IHBC MTB


Local Herald coverage:








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