Matt’s Tommyknocker 10 Report

So Steve Eldridge and i decided were going to do the Zia series Duo back in November of last year. Boy did the first race show up fast!
Steve started the first lap for us which was about 45 degrees! The high was 75 degrees! Pure Heaven!
For those who have not rode Silver City(Ft. Bayard NM) its similar to the Road Apple Rally. Nothing technical with a few steep climbs and very fast & flowy. During my 3rd lap the wind started to blow with gusts here and there. Really dry down south but still bearable.
Steve had a cold from the Wednesday before while i was healing from a strained back. Not in our best shape but we still managed to do 10 laps, 5 each, to end up in 5th place out of 11 teams.
Kudos to James Bodine who smoked the track as well!
Drop the Hammer!


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