ZUNI 50 miler Report (NM Endurance Series) McGaffey, NM


The Gallup Trails folks and Lenny did a great job picking out the route again. 49 miles of sweet single-track with 5000 feet of climbing. I was not at my best, but kept a steady pace to clock an overall time of 5:21 hours. I rode my 3D Racing 29+ geared bike. Perfect for the terrain. I was signed up for Singlespeed, but changed didn’t get the bike converted. I’m glad I had gears this time! 

Ride time on the Garmin was 4:51 hrs. Two snack breaks and one short loss of the route (about 2 minutes), at mile forty was the added time. At mile forty the turn was clearly marked, but I was feeling pretty cooked and in survival mode. Funny how your brain doesn’t register things when your tired.

I drove down from Durango the morning of, and arrived 10:15. All the riders had already left, and the skies were overcast. I figured I’d ride until the rain came down, then bail out on one of the many jeep road crossings that will take you back to the paved road to the campground. Fortunately, just one slight drizzle at mile 10 for about 10 minutes was all I saw during my ride.


I arrived back at the start right before 4 pm. Was crazy hungry and tired. after cleaning up and changing, I decided to go ahead and head home so I can eat and get home at a decent hour. I was feeling so tired, I didn’t feel like pitching the tent I brought, nor waiting for the hot meal and beer at 6 pm that the Gallup Trail crew generously cooks up for the riders. It’s a end-of-season party that I have never missed!

On the way out, at 4:30, the storm HIT! Pouring rain over the whole course! If anyone was still out there…oh boy…

Thanks to Gallup Trails and the NM Endurance Crew for another great “unofficial” race.

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