Zia Rides Albuquerque 12 Hour Report- Matt and Keith’s teams

CSW had two teams at the first annual Albuquerque 12 hour MTB race, hosted by Zia Rides.

Team 1′ 4 man: Sean, Keith, Steve Koller, and Hector.

Team 2: 3 man: Matt Arviso, Steve Eldridge, and Randy John (guest rider)

Here’s Matt’s report:
So I couldn’t pass up the last local endurance event of the year. Myself, Steve Eldridge and Randy John raced the 12hrs of ABQ at Oak Flats. Awesome course!
I was worried how technical the trail was going to be(just word of mouth) but soon realized it wasn’t bad at all! It was rocky in parts but was a very fast course!
Steve drew the shortest straw so he rode first followed by Randy and yours truly was last. Steve was the only one to do 4 laps while Randy and I did 3 each.
We placed 5th overall(2nd if we were actually in the 3man) so we weren’t disappointed to say the least. This will be a race we plan on doing every year. The other Colavita did well to placing 2nd or 3rd in 4 man I believe.
Drop the Hammer!!.., Matt

Here’s Keith’s Report:

Perfect temperatures at the 9am start, and a great trail that keeps you on your toes! I had a great top five start and was running in 3rd overall until a few riders passed me in the last couple miles. Clocked exactly 1:00:00 thru the Chasing 3 timing arch! Koller took of next, the Sean to go third, and HEctor to be the fourth.

None of us had ridden the course completely before. Hector, Steve, and Sean were learning it on their first laps. Sean was riding SS 26″ tires, I was riding my 3D 29+, and Steve and Hector were running 29er hardtails.

I brought my standard 29er wheels with 2.2/2.4 sizes to swap out and see if they would produce a faster lap time. My 2nd and 3rd laps were within a minute of the first lap, so it really didn’t make much difference! Interesting!

We quickly noticed that the first and 2nd place teams were clocking 5-7 minutes faster lap times every lap, so we decided to ride strong and consistant to hold on to 3rd. All four of us were in the 57-59 minute range. Very close in our abilities.

The course has fun downhills, tight singletrack through the trees, rock gardens, hard braking left and right turnoffs, and some short but semi-steep climbs. All the dirt was feeling great under the tires since it rained just a few days before.

We ended up holding 3rd with 10 laps over the 12 hours, with no need for that 11th lap we could have done since 4th was never going to get in before 9 on its 11th lap.

The provided Bosque Brewing Beer was all ready flowing by 8 pm and we had a great time camping on site and relaxing after the race.

we will be back!– Keith Ashmore


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