Matt Arviso’s 24 Hours of Enchanted Forest Report

Matt and Steve Eldridge raced the Duo Mens category.

From Matt:

Having never rode duo for 12hrs much less 24 Steve Eldridge and i decided it was time to test the mind and soul. We entered as Colavita Dirt Bags.. The pressure was on!
I took the first 2 laps and Steve took the 2nd 2 for 4 laps total before we started swapping lap for lap. I immediately cramped on my 2nd lap! It was a mere 88degrees! Lots of water and electrolytes helped get me back in form before night fall. Thats when the cold set in. It was 46 degrees at night but much colder than that in the wide open meadows! It was hard to find the right gear for riding. By midnight we had moved into 1st place!
At 3am we could barely keep our eyes open! We was riding on pure desire! (Where the hell is the Sun!) by the time first light came out, we was back in second place where we would eventually finish. Our 3rd 2nd place finish in 5 years! We each rode 8 laps for 120 miles apiece. Not to shabby for weekend warriors. We plan on riding more duos in the future with 24HITEF 2016 in our crosshairs!
We would like to thank our family and friends for there support. Especially Colavita!
Drop the Hammer!
MattIMG_0408 IMG_0420

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