TINO’s 2014 Cross Season Report

From Tino, 12-22-14:

I just got back from Austin where we raced in a mud/grass fest. All we needed to make adobe was sun. Photo is post race, sporting old school gear, only two hoses so a couple of us just used the lake to clean our bikes.

Next up is nationals, Austin, TX

Dec 21: Austin, TX, Just did the Masters race. From the third row I was sitting in 6th by the first turn, and by the end of the first lap just me and one Trek CX collective guy (Craig), I passed him the second lap and had a decent lead, but the mud and grass put an end to my glory, as I stopped to clean out grass from brakes, I was passed by two guys. Then two more cleaning things out again. But I was able to pass 3rd and 4th place riders and finished up in 3rd overall and first 50+

Dec 20: Day one, Austin, TX, I was registered for the masters 40/50/60 and P123 races. For the masters race conditions were less than ideal. In the masters race, “riders” were running 50% of the course, grass and mud clogged their bikes with an evil combination of clay, mud, water, and grass. So I opted for just the P123 race. Conditions were better, alas, my race wasn’t so good. but I got some good training.

Dec 13: Castle Rock, CO state champs, big deep field, great course in Castle Rock, fast hard conditions, tire pressure was key. Alas on my #1 bike pressure wasn’t good. After 2-3 laps I swapped to #2 bike and suddenly things got easier, but it was a little late to make any good progress, so we’ll leave it at that.

Dec 6: Cortez, CO, 4 Corners CX Series, 35+. Course a bit different than in the past, little more technical, less fields, two decent run/ride ups, a little BMX, sand, and decent weather.  It was the noTubes lads in force, fortunately I had an excuse, see below, I had just returned from Croatia three days earlier and the lungs were not up to scratch. Good race, 4th

Nov 29: Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb CX Series: Grey and drizzly with a real MTB style course. Long stretches of grass and trail, a rocky beach and some twisty woods in a hilly area. Got third the first two were on MTBs and the guy that won is a continental road pro.

Nov 15: Aztec, NM: Hillside desert cross race. Fast start immediately up a hill into a head wind. Got a good start with Jens and Frank Maple, and then just Jens and I, then Jens dropped me. I held on to second until the penultimate lap, but then Frank, caught me, never count out Frank. Nice course, so good off camber high speed turns, a little mud and run up. Got third in the 35+

Nov 2: Golden, Feedback cup, 45+. More or less the same course as has been in the past. Very fast start, starting from the 4th row makes it hard to move up as it’s pretty narrow. Did OK, starting to feel better.

Nov 1: Louisville, CO,  Schoolyard Cross, 45+, a really fun course at school north of Denver, the grass was like riding through peanut butter, a guy would be 10 yards in front of you, and 5 minutes. Some nice off camber bits, fast descents, a nasty little hell. As usual, in the Front Range, the competition was excellent.

Oct 26: Tijeras, NM, Open MM, small field. Three of us, Durango’s Andre, Bart Bowen, and myself rolled away. Rain early in the race made the road sections a might bit slippery. For most of the race I was sitting in second until Bart caught me, and there was nothing I could do, but it was my second race of the day. Finished third.

Oct 26: Tijeras, NM, Masters 40/50/60, A bit of a crazy course, schoolyard, some backcountry stuff (kind of reminiscent of Cheeny’s race behind the sports club), a mean and nasty “quadzilla” set of barriers after a steep run up, rocks. Used most of the race as a skills practice, and tried to save myself a bit for men’s open race. First overall.

Oct 25: Albuquerque, NM, men’s open. Sand, grass, and pavement. Some fun ups and downs, ended up 6th.

Oct 12: Albuquerque, NM, men’s open, race in the bosque, but in the opposite direction, good tree stuff, a steep little climb. After the previous days mishaps, I was able to finish up in 8th

Oct 11: Albuquerque, NM, men’s open, race in the bosque, bloody goatheads got to me, flatted while sitting in 5th or 6th swapped bikes, flatted again, fortunately the first flat was a front and the second flat was a rear so I could put one good set together, finished 13th

Tino Sonora, Durango, CO

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