Charlotte’s Firecracker 50 Report

Firecracker 50 an epically, hard and probably one of the funnest races I’ve done.
This day also celebrated Independence day so the racers became part of the parade. This in itself was exillerating. As everyone seemed really excited about us racing. As each category was starting all the children were high fiving the racers as we went by, just the cutest thing ever.
We are the parade riding through town only to be faced with a long  6 mile climb to the dirt. The course consisted of equal amounts of up and down hill both challenging with an epic rocky climb that many were walking. Good variety with a switch back downhill to the finish.Brandy and did a duo, so each did a 25 mile lap. Super fun and would do it again. We finished the weekend in Breckenridge with the funnest ride on a trail called the Peak Trail. Everyone should do this ride going from the top of the lift in Breckenridge to Fresco. With good company it could not have been a better weekend.

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