James Simmons Whisky 50 Report

This year’s whiskey 50 was not at all what I thought it would be. Early in the week looking at the weather they were forecasting it to be cloudy, in the 50’s with a chance of some showers. Upon arriving Friday they had changed the forecast to rain with a chance of snow, not looking good. As I slept and heard the rain falling all night long I woke up thinking that they were going to delay or cancel the race, Caleb tells me in the morning that it is happening rain or shine. So we start the race, in the rain, by the time we get out of town and to the dirt I am completely soaked. Despite the rain all night the trail was in great shape, as we climb up the rain turns to snow and at the top of the first climb it is pretty much whiteout conditions. As I dropped back down from the first climb I cannot feel my hands and have to start getting creative with my breaking, I had to stop and thaw out before continuing on (this may or may not have included helping get a fire going and loading up a few people to head off to the hospital). After the brief stop the rest of the day was beautiful and the trail was in very sloppy but great conditions. I was able to get in to see the Charlotte and the 25 mile race’s delayed start , a couple hours after that I was able to feel my feet for the first time in several hours. I think next time I will be a little more prepared for freak weather. This was another successful event on a wonderful course (the single track anyway) put on my epic rides, a great weekend in Prescott. –James Simmons

ImageSimmons at Dawn Till Dusk

Photo Credit: Jim Feilen

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