Charlottes Race reports from the last couple months

Alien Run Mtb race

Now Alien Run despite heat and long fireroads was a pretty damn fun race, 26 miles of it. They like to mass start everyone which is pretty amusing since everyone wants to keep up with the pro’s in the beginning. As I watch them pull away from me like a swarm of bees I’m thinking no worries when I warmed up I’ll pass a bunch of you suckers. The funny part about this start was that everyone missed the turn off and kept going up the hill until the realized oh shit this is not the trail head and had to turn around…lol  For me this race was a great challenge because I had a bunch of the women infront of me and behind me which definitely fueled my competitive nature. Pretty much the whole race was peddle to the medal. I pushed myself pretty hard. Love the single track of course. Battled with my friend Mel and julie, and almost caught my teammate…I think Matt (the Navajo) is his name or was it James. Anyway they were all keeping me going to the brink of throwing up. To my pleasant surprise I got 2nd place. I have to say for being ‘retired’ I’m still hanging in there and it seems like getting better every race. Thanks to the constant support I had from my friend James Rowan. He made sure I wasn’t going to be a slacker. You know we all miss you over here but intend you’re having a blast in Bend and paving the way.


With Fruita there is not a whole lot to report. Mostly because of the weather. They ended up created a circuit loop about 3 miles long to short cut all the muddy
sections due to heavy rains…in the desert?? Mundane, open, not technical. A lot of people decided not to show up thinking it was going to rain for the afternoon wave. Due to no shows in my category I got 1st…and last. lol

12 hour Dusk to Dawn

This was one of the funnest 12 hour races I got to do with an amazing team, which consisted of Brandy, Caleb, Hector and I.
The day started with a calm sunrise with nice cool temperatures. Caleb was our starting man. He blew the field to pieces to come in first with a 42 minute hot lap. His full lap time was not much worse with a 54 minute time. That set us out on a good course.The weather continued to change throughout the day, hot mostly. The afternoon brought some pretty epic winds blowing the dust around like crazy; no one was spared. We all got home with a much needed shower.
Some of the terrain was similar to Phil’s world and Alien trail: Rocky, swooping turns fun gradual downhills, a couple triple arrow down dangerous drop off’s and some knawrly switchback climbs. We all gave it our all on each lap…team mentality! We just could help ourselves. We ended up a lap up and over an hour ahead of second to take 1st place with some awesome one of a kind handmade native american trophies. The nicest one’s I’ve seen so far. totally fun race.

Whiskey 50

Epic is a good word to describe the circumstances for a mtb race. Whiskey 50/25 proof is a good example of that.The morning begins with our guys start time early in the morning. Conditions are the least favorable you can imagine: Cooold, rain, snow and wind. The race proceeded on schedule and the guys went off. Their lives depended on overcoming the elements. Caleb and James made it to the finish in one piece with slight frost bit but an unforgetable memory.Later we found out that people were trying to get warm at the top and someone had started a fire. As far as I know only one person ended up having to go the the hospital due to challenges from the elements. We women were to go off a few hours after the men but the weather was relentless so then the committee decided to prospond our race until the weather cleared up a bit, which finally almost 4 hours later it did. They shortened our course to prevent any other possible emergencies and we were rerouted to the 15 proof which turned out to be about 20 miles. The race started with a pavement climb which felt forever, 5mile climb is forever, and then it continued climbing on dirt for further torture. There is nothing interesting to say about this climb other then I was happy when it was over 🙂 So finally we get on some single track for some more climbing. This was not a technical course but the amount of people in the way made it a bit technical. So finally we start decending on some rolling single track with just a little mud. Interesting enough everything had dried up pretty quickly. Single track was short only to end up back on the pavement for the final 3-5 miles back into town. I ended up with an opportunity on the podium and a second place. To top it all off we got to watch the Pro’s which is always an exciting event. Especially the prolog crit that took the peleton up an epic climb. A lot of strong
riders and a great spectator venue.


CSW Team rider and Team Masseuse

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