Tucson Bicycle Classic SR- Beau’s Report

From Beau:

Not having embraced our mild winter by racking up as many miles as we could have and seeing other events fast approaching on the calendar Trey and I saw this past weekend’s Tucson Bicycle Classic as a great opportunity to get in some race miles and enjoy some sun. While we may have been looking to get some training in the legs there were plenty of guys in the 70 rider field that were looking for results and had the form to show it. This made for a couple good days of chasing and we were both lucky to stay upright during a couple unfortunate crashes – at one point this did require some cx like handling to navigate a gravel shoulder at speed to avoid a pile up that occurred right in front of me. Trey was well positioned ahead of this and remained comfortably in the lead group of the split that followed.

The 3 day TT, RR and CR event was well organized and offered some high caliber racing. It was a blast watching the local El Grupo development squad come out in force with so much promising talent and rack up a bunch of good results in the 3 and 4 fields. This was also a perfect opportunity to try out my new Castelli San Remo kit that fits like a glove with a nice tight fit but no uncomfortable pressure points and the light fabric has the perfect amount of ventilation to maintain a cool temp when the racing heats up.

Anyone who enjoys great weather, exciting racing, saguaro cacti and searching for the perfect Taqueria should check out next year’s Tucson Bicycle Classic. Aside from how amazingly comfortable my San Remo kit is (no I can’t say this enough) my personal highlight of the trip was the smell of the Arizona desert after a good rain while out on the TT course.




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