Steve Eldridge- AZ MTB Series #3 Lake Havasu report

Sounds like Steve got a little taste of aggressive MTB racers:


Lake Havasu

The race started at 8:45 Saturday morning.  The course was dusty and dry and the weather was great as usual. As we started the race, I was in good position during the first lap. Unfortunately that would be my only lap that I would be able to finish.  I was in the front group and we were filing into a single track decent. Another racer tried to squeeze in and took me off the trail.  I went flying into a huge boulder and landed in some shrubs. I was in a lot of pain, my right knee was bleeding and starting to swell up, and my left shin was bleeding alot. I got back on my bike, which took some hits but was in better shape than I was. While getting up and checking everything I started to walk and peddle back to the start/finish line. I threw in the white flag and my dad I cleaned up my wounds and packed up. I never got the bib number of the rider who took me out of the race.

—Steve Eldrige


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