Keith and Sean Take 2nd at 12 Hours of Old El Paso, SS Duo


Being the only Duo Single Speed team that showed up, the organizers lumped us into the geared category. We chased the lead geared duo all day, and was close about half way through, but didn’t quite have it this early in the year. Still, we finished 2nd, which was a great result considering we both only had a few rides on our single speeds this winter. 132 miles total, 12 laps. The 65 degree weather felt so great! Half the single track was smooth twisty trail, and the other half was gravelly jeep road climbing and rocky switchback trail that kept you on your game. Sean took a digger on his first lap, and later had to remove a dime sized rock that buried itself under his skin! Fortunately that was the worst of our problems, and Sean was able to keep taking his turn on the 11 mile loop.

It was a great, relaxed, and festive atmosphere at the event, with some fireworks at 10 pm finish time! Results were posted promptly, and everything seemed to be run very smoothly. Thanks to the Bicycle Company, and Dave Halliburton (timer), for keeping everything fun and organized.

—Keith Ashmore

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