Charlotte’s Mesa Verde 12 hour report- Yes, its late, but thats ok….

April 2013 Mesa Verde 12 hour mtb bike race with Josh, Hector and Beau
This was my first 12 hour race since 1998. I had a lot of fun with the guys. We got lucky with the weather. Rain held off until the very last lap.
We sent Josh off as our first rider. He was of course our strongest rider. We sported a  friendly battle with Keith’s team with James R. James S and Steve Ko.  I think Josh and James R. were trying to beat each others time.  Each lap was almost a full out sprint to put 17 miles under our belts as quickly as possible. Trails were dry and fast. As the day progressed we knew that everyone was going to at least ride 2 laps and one or two people 3 laps. After calculating our time and how we can maximize our chances of winning we came to the conclusion that Josh would have to do another lap after just having done one in order for us to beat the cut off time which allowed us to get in another lap which I had to do.  It went off without a hitch even though it started raining. The famous rocky section (who’s name slips my memory [ED.-Tuffy Rim/Stinking springs]) was surprisingly do able. I had my doubts. In the end we managed to get a 3rd place and ended up putting Colavita on the podium twice that day.
By: charlotte lenssen

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