First Durango 100 Tour a success!

2013 D100 Start


Steve and Beau the Zia burrito-miesters.
Steve and Beau the Zia burrito-miesters.

My 30 D100 volunteers kicked ass on Saturday and Sunday to help me bring back this local favorite ride from Durango to Farmington and back. We ended up with 125 riders, a lower turnout than the last time the ride was held in 2011. However, with many events going on that weekend, and since the D100 was not held last year, it was to be expected.

We had fast riders (First one in: 3:58 hours), and we had first time Century riders that toughed it out to finish and eat up at the park. A great range of abilities.

Nothing but positive feedback and kudos from the riders, so if was a good first start for our first Colavita SW event. Special thanks to my helpers from BP Energy, and a few friends from Farmington and Durango that helped out. The citizens of Marvel once again took care of the rest stop at there post office for us. Such a great community!

More thanks to Chasing 3 timing that took care of us and posted results all day while riders were rolling through!

Looking forward to expanding the ridership and making this THE Grande Fondo to ride in the Four Corners!


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