Superior Morgul Omnium Report- From Beau



I spent this past weekend racing the Superior Morgul Omnium outside of Boulder, CO. The event put on by Without Limits Productions was well organized and chip timing produced accurate and immediate results. On Friday, I had a rare occasion where I felt that I rode the time trial to the best of my ability for the day without blowing up or making other mistakes and expected a strong result – this feeling was strongly affirmed by puking at the finish. The course was a rolling point to point with two prominent rises and I think my strategy of going all out up each was successful but maybe didn’t leave me with enough to push it on the descents… I finished 17th/40; hardly worth puking over!

The 5 turn crit circuit broke down to about ¾’s of climbing tapering to a gradual rise during the first four turns followed by a descent covering the last 1/4 leading to a very fast 5th turn onto the uphill finishing stretch. Some guys from the CU team did a great job of starting things off quickly. It was a good course in which to find brief moments of recovery after hard efforts. This year I’ve been pleased to not find myself quickly off the back of crits and had some fun going all out with the hope of getting a break going. Most of the other guys on the front though seemed only interested in surging for omnium point primes and or wisely saving everything for the finish. Having not used my efforts sparingly I fell of the lead pace on the last lap but managed to hit 1100 watts in a foolish all out sprint for 25th…. Good practice I guess.

I really tried to focus on recovery throughout the weekend and thus have some hope for Sunday’s circuit race which turned into a point to point circuit after some traffic control issues arose, it ended up with near 1k ft of climbing per 12 mile lap. The finish line was at the mid lap point atop “the wall”. Still feeling like I wasted a lot of my power in the crit the day before my mantra for the road race was efficiency. I really thought about my cadence and form and was careful not to have any unnecessary bursts or sustained standing during each lap; this is new for me as I usually find it way more fun to just take off until I blow myself up, efficiency is what I focused on though… I missed a 10 man selection on the penultimate trip up “the wall” but was happy to see our 15 or so man chase group catching all but 4 of those riders during the last lap. A few miles before hitting the wall for the finishing time I surged in search of the lead four but they were out of reach and seeing that nobody went with me I rejoined the chase group and saved it for the final climb. While I had stayed seated and spun smoothly on each of the 3 previous trips up the wall, having the finish in sight I decided that leaving it in the big ring and standing would be my best shot against the leaner climber types that were already floating ahead of the group by the base of the ascent. Once I settled into a mashing rhythm I began to catch all but one of the guys that surged from our chase group and so finished 6th/64. While a little bummed not to have been in the lead selection I was proud of my result and felt it a better reflection of where my fitness was compared to the previous day’s results. Efficiency proved not to be entirely boring, earned me some upgrade points and put me at 12th in the weekends omnium scoring despite mid pack placing’s in the TT and Crit.  I’ll be hoping to rest up through the week and find some climbing legs for this weekend’s Iron Horse.


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