Josh’s True Grit MTB race report-Success! (race was in March)

Late posting by the manager, my bad!-Keifer

Josh’s report:

2013 True Grit 50

I headed down to St. George, UT for my first 50-mile race on March 16th. Despite getting to the venue late the night before the race, and waking up while it was still dark out, I managed to have a good day on the bike barring a couple glitches. A chaotic and confusing start resulted in me missing my Pro Open start, and left me with a 2 minute time deficit to try and close from the get go. For the first 45 minutes of the race I chased my way up into the field just before we entered some techy climbing single track. The race quickly became strung out due the course technicality as well as the advantage of being on a full suspension bike over a hardtail. For an hour in the middle of the race where the trails were fast and flowing I didn’t see another rider, and felt as though I was out suffering by myself. It wasn’t until hour 3 when I reached an intermittently technical trail called, “the barrel” where I regained the feeling that I was indeed in a race with other riders. The last 1.5 hours of my race is where I redeemed my race focus. I slowly picked through riders one at a time, some due do mechanical breakdowns while others suffered from ones of a mental or physical nature. I came through the finish at 4:29:00, happy to have survived my first 50-mile race and to have finished in the top 10 amongst a Pro field.

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