Lance Websters Road Race Report- St George, UT




First Race is Always a Bit of a Blur:

The SpinGeeks of St. George Utah put on a superb event, and this in spite of a cold front that pushed start time temps into the upper 30’s with strong breezes out of the north and east, in spite of no fewer than four goat heads that ended my road race after three miles (note to self wheels in truck even if it’s jam packed), and in spite of not one Mexican restaurant asking ‘red or green.’  Still, the events were well organized with stage results being delivered via email by the time I got back to the hotel after each stage.  Amazing efficiency.

Saturday’s racing included the increasingly familiar two stage format, a morning time trial followed by an afternoon crit.  Nearly everyone was left lamenting slow TT times.  The wind made it really hard to find the gear.  But, Josh McDowell, riding for Fort Lewis this weekend, rode top thirty on a road bike with drop bars.  Awesome effort given all the aero helmets and disk wheels.

The Cat 3-4 Crit field was fit and fast, seventy-five riders mostly from Utah and Nevada and many of whom began the season in February at the Valley of the Sun.  So, I found myself, like many a developing baseball player who is encouraged to allow the game to slow down and let the action come to him.  However, as the first race of the season often proves, my legs weren’t quite as good as imagined them to be, so I found myself always reacting to accelerations and just trying to find safe places to recover between efforts.  Still, I managed a pack finish in very fast crit that averaged 29.5 mph even though I lost quite a few places skirting a crash in the last lap.  Josh rode aggressively, spending a few laps off the front in a group of three.  Fort Lewis tried to disrupt the rhythm on the front, but at least two teams from Vegas were determined to bring the race to sprint.

In all, still a great way to start to the season. —Lance Webster, Dolores, CO

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