Josh’s Mellow Johnny’s MTB race report

Mellow Johnny’s 2013 in Dripping Springs, Tx.


On the Thursday before Sunday’s race, I set out on my first trip to Texas. My roommate Payson of RMCF Sweet Elite and myself of Colavita SW cycling were both chomping at the bit to rip some single-track, and get the 2013 season underway. After doing a pre-ride of the rocky techy course with punchy climbs, I had a good feeling about my fitness and technical skill for the upcoming race, especially after doing a three-day skills camp in Moab the prior weekend. There were only about 20 guys in my Cat. 1 19-29 field, and despite it being my first sanctioned, non-collegiate race I felt confident in all the work I put in over the winter months. As the gun sounded, I let myself fall into about 7th position. This allowed me to get an idea of whom I was racing against. Within 4 minutes I had worked my way up into third wheel, just behind a local Texas racer, with Colavita teammate James Rowan leading us out. I felt really fresh, so I made a move to the front just before the first descent, and pushed the pace back up the mirroring climb. I couldn’t hear anyone behind me, but I kept the pace up for the rest of the first lap. The theme of the second lap was passing other category riders, and trying not to lose too much time in the process. By the third and final lap I felt content with my lead and the pace I had been riding, so I just focused on a clean line and smoothing out the track as much as possible. I made one final push in the last kilometer to solidify the win for the first race of the season. James finished in third, putting two Colavita SW riders on the podium. The 2013 racing season is underway and looks promising. 

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