Steamboat Stage Race, Tino’s Report

Brendan and Tino went up to Steamboat SPrings and kicked some ass in their respective categories. Here’s the report from Tino. Great Job Gentlemen!–Keifer


“All results are 45 123 race


TT 4th: 12 mile hilly out and 1/2 way back tt with a stiff 5% climb at the end, after going down the same hill. Needless to say it strained one’s confidence to be screaming down a hill and watch people ahead of you struggle up the same.  Down 1:31 on first, and 25 seconds off third.


RR 4th: Hilly 55 mile out and back race. Some of the course was done on the same road as the tt. Cool and some fog, which was awesome, I was able to do a short lived attack to bridge up to a single rider and disappear out of sight of the group in the fog. Pack whittled down to 9 guys until the last two climbs, I topped the last climb a few seconds of three other guys which included second place, but caught them with two others a mile or so later. Leader got dropped at the end of ascent. So, 6 of us contested the sprint, thought I had 3rd locked in, but saw a hard charging competitor coming up too late. Leader lost 40 odd seconds, still in fourth.


CRIT 1st: Guy in 3rd dropped out, putting me in 3rd overall going into last stage. Crit was predictable a couple of attacks here and there. A single rider in front which no one seemed terribly concerned about. At 4 to go I launched, but couldn’t get a decent gap, and was chased down by the guys in 1st and 2nd which was strange as I wouldn’t have caught them. Got caught with a lap to go, rested moved to the front on the last turn and was able to sprint for the win.


Finished in 3rd overall at 61 seconds. Not too bad



Brendan, in the 35+ 4 race,  will send his results too but here they are:


TT: 2nd

RR: 5th

CRIT: 7th


Overall: 2nd at 29 seconds”— Tino

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