A Race story from TINO, road racing in Croatia

ImageSunday May 20.

Radaboj RR, 60km. This was a “K-12” Race. Everyone from juniors to women to pros were in the race, I was told much of the cream of the crop were there. However, in such conditions, the race itself, particularly in the first 10km or so was a mess. But, let’s start with the loop. Three 20km laps, each lap was essentially 10km trending down and 10 km trending back up, rolling hills, twisty roads, with a sharp 1km climb to the finish. Because the first 10km was generally down, it was a bit scary. A crash at 50+ km/hr put toll to several riders, including a guy I know who broke is finger and thumb — I managed to dodge a flying bike. A second crash occurred a few kms down the road and my main concern was not being piled into from the rear. Thankfully, no.

In the chaos 3 Pros/1s got away, but since my race was in the master’s category, and because I had no idea, there was no need to chase. At the end of the first lap we managed to get rid of a few riders, somewhat less hectic, as was the third lap. My legs were heavy and I finished third in my category after being outsprinted by a friend in the last 200 meters or so, I finished 3rd.

A week later we were in Oroslavje for a 30km crit. Some rough payment through a graveyard with a sharp little hill, and a fun descent, made for an entertaining circuit. But it was a bit slow. Not many people wanted to work, your correspondent was one of the exceptions. With two laps to go I made an a “do or die” effort and was caught with one lap to go. Needless to say, a lot of people managed get round me as I died. But it was good interval training, so I take that with me. A 50km ride to and from the race didn’t hurt either.

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