Taos Grande Fondo 2012- Eugene Dougherty leads the finish for CSW

Form Eugene, 1st Annual Taos Grande Fondo report:

“Happy to report I won the Taos Gran Fondo.  It was a charity race for cancer fundraising, so we were asked to wear a yellow yersey, but I work the Colavita shorts.  Rolloff was around 8:10 am. By mile 20, it was about ten of us including four sport systems guys (Kip, Scott, Tony, ??) and two Taos guys. It was down to seven as we went through Red River, and Kip took off up Bobcat Pass. We caught him late in the descent, and took a 5 minute “neutral” feed at Eagle’s nest. The construction delayed us 5-10 minutes or so, and some traffic was stuck behind us for a while, but they didn’t get upset. As we rode past Angel Fire, Tony flatted and Scott pulled off with him (and later crashed somewhat badly). It was down to Kip, a super strong redbeard MTB guy from Taos, and me. On the final climb out of the enchanted circle and towards Taos, the MTB guy and I were both waiting for Kip to attack, which he eventually did, about 1k from the top. He didn’t insist and we were back together over the top. It was mile-long pulls on the 20 mile descent into Taos, and we eventually rode into Taos and the traffic. We raced though the traffic (crazy!) and turned into the Kit Carson park where I jumped quickly, dodged a pedestrian, came around a corner to the finish and an RV heading straight towards me! I narrowly missed the RV and zagged to the finish with Kip 6 inches behind my front tire!  -Gene”

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