HUGE Memorial of CSW results for our all our U.S. Military Personnel

In memory if U.S. military personnel that have given there lives to keep our country safe, secure, and free, here is our results for the Memorial Day weekend:

On Saturday, the IHBC Road Race to Silverton included: Al, Brendan, Rob, Hugh, James, and Dana.

That same day Jeanne lined up for the Half Growler, a 32 mile MTB race just outside of Gunnison, CO.

Outstanding RR Results:
Dana Alia: 6th 2:27 hours, Cat 2

Brendan: 3rd, 2:32 hours, Cat 4

James Rowan, 6th, 2:35 hours, Cat 4

Rob Bergstrum: 18th, 2:42 hours, Cat 4

Al Senft: 2:27 Hours, 5th, Masters 35+

Hugh Selby: 2:43 hours, Masters 35+

½ Growler MTB Results
Jeanne Zamora: 34 miles, 5:32 hours, 62nd place women’s open.

(this was a hard, technical course. Congrats to Jeanne who was tough to finish this race, without a pre-ride!)


IHBC Criterium, IHBC MTB Race, Full Growler (66 mile MTB)

Dana: 6th Cat 2

James: 2nd Place by a nose at the line, Cat 4

Brendan: 5th (?)  Cat 4

Al: 9th Masters 35+

IHBC MTB results:

Hector: 37th Pro, 1

Koller: 8th, 34+ race

Rob: 15th, 34+

James Junes: 28th, Cat 2

Andrew Yazzie: 5th SS B Race

Full Growler:
Sean and Keith Road a strong first lap of 34 miles, clocking a 3:25 hours.

2nd Lap, Sean was having some knee pains, and had to short cut back to the finish.

Keith continued on suffering to clock a 7:03 hours total time. 13th in the SS class, and 83rd /204 finishers.

Monday was the IHBC Time Trial:

Brendan Cusick: 3rd Cat 4

<Other Results Up yet>

Brendan took the overall Omnium Cat 4 Win!

Thanks to all the CSW riders that paid tribute with their sweat this weekend.



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