Cloudcroft XC MTB race report

From Keith:

Jeanne and I drove the 6 hours down to Cloudcroft, NM from Farmington to do this XC MTB race. This race has been off the calendar for a couple years, due to organizer bail out, and forest closures (fire danger). A large showing from southern NM, El Paso, and Juarez showed up. Jeanne and I had never seen the coarse before.

I had been away from home all week, and didn’t have a chance to get my Dawn Till Dusk SS gearing (32X17) changed out for high altitude racing. I decided to just deal with it, not really knowing if there was any steep climbs anyway. Jeanne registered for the Women’s SPort Class, and was fired up to hammer her GF Superfly through the mountains.

The SS Open class started with the Pro Womens class, after the Pro, 1 class took off 2 minutes earlier. The ladies let the SSers go in front at the entrance to the steep singletrack (thanks ladies!). I quickly moved through two SSers to take the front and proceeded to make a gap and pass the tail end of the Cat 1 field. After about 20 minutes, the energy levels really started to drop off, and the 32X17 gear was taking it toll. I decided I didn’t have the energy to complete three laps of the course, and pulled out at the start/finish. Kinda dissapointing, but given the amount of time away from home from work, and the amoutn of rest I had before the weekend, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to race this weekend. I decided to go get a bottle for Jeanne and watch her come through.

Jeanne came through looking strong and I handed her the bottle. I was very glad she made it through some of the loose, and twisty singletrack that had made me a little nervous while I was riding. Jeanne’s 2nd lap was for the finish, and she won her category about 10 minutes ahead of second.


Al and Shiela Senft raced also. Al placed 2nd in his Cat 1 race. And Shiela won her category.

The organizers had a couple keggers and award ceremony about a half mile down the road. Everyone had a great time comparing race notes, and watching a Stan’s No Tubes Demo by the regional teammates. The Stan’s team raffled off a Crest wheelset also.

Great job everyone!


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