Brendan’s Report from last weekend’s BOULDER ROUBAIX RR!

Rob B and I headed up to Boulder for the Roubaix last weekend. Got in on Friday and rode from the north end of town to recon the route. Incredibly windy warm up, hard to keep it mellow fighting super strong winds. The recon was good we identified a couple of spots on the gravel roads to be aware of including a huge crater at the north end of the route. As a whole the gravel was excellent, and with very little climbing it appeared it would be a fast race. Race morning was crazy! The wind had subsided and temps were in the mid 30s. We had over 100 riders in the Cat 4 35+, the announcer indicated there were over 1,000 racers. Rob and I toed the front of the line early to ensure a spot at the front. We got off to a good clip. Into the first turns all looked good. Then Rob flatted just before the first pavement section. He got some air in the tires but it was a nasty slow little leak. I held in the front of the pack through the first 18 mile lap. The party kept getting a little smaller. Our category only completed two laps so speed picked up as we rolled south through some dirt rollers about 5 miles from the finish. My legs cramped here, and I watched a pack of 15 pick up speed. Gritting it I chased on the descent (30 plus on dirt roads a little hairy). Caught the group at the last turn to the finish. With one last chance to go for it, I attacked coming over the top of the final climb. Into the straight I had two sprinters suck on my wheel, and I knew I was not going to beat them to the line, despite trying everything I could to shake them. A few more caught up in the last 1/4 mile and as the big Irish Diesel I set the sprinters up for a quick finish. I finished 7th, and the last of the front group. Shortest race of the year, so far, but a great one on fantastic dirt roads.


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