Adoption Exchange Road Race (ABQ), Cat 4 report from Brendan

What a great race down in Albuquerque, even with the wind! Rob B, James R, and I were in the Cat 4 race together.  First lap was rather mundane, I ended up over the top of Heartbreak with about 7 guys, mostly climbers, and a DWC guy with whom I worked to increase the spread. We had a decent gap, and when coming down on to the flats, we could tell that most of the folks were not wanting to work hard into the wind, and by the time we hit Frost the whole group was back together. This maintained until the second time around on Heartbreak. A better break established with all three of us in it by the time we hit the flats. A second group was about 40 seconds behind. I tried an attack before the last hill roll back up to NM 14, but the wind was more than I wanted to fight that far out. Two fellas made a good attack not two minutes later and it stuck. We rolled north in the last five miles cranking it out, and caught them just as the sprint started. James powered through for 8th, I got in at 10th. Rob came in about a minute back at 22nd. Rob had strategically sat up to stall a mid size group and let us break with the smaller group. A strategic and selfless move that helped CSW placement.

Looks like Al and Tim W did well for the Ominium on Sunday stoked for them and all the CSW folks racing.

Next weekend Boulder Roubaix!


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