Tino’s latest CX report. Next up: Nationals (Madison) and Worlds (Louisville)!

From Tino Sonora:

Last race of the FCCX series, Fort Lewis College:

Snow and mud and hidden ice were the name of the day. The masters riders started with the A racers which was cool and nice change.  A 3/4 lap charge around the football field found me among the first 8 or so riders by the time we left the field. The first thing I noticed was how completely useless my brakes were, so I was extra precautious going into the corners. Riders were going down in hidden ice pockets cleverly disguised as grass. The course twisted and turned through campus, so this was extra challenging. I was not immune to falling and slipped as I dismounted going through a playground, fortunately I was not stepped on, but my bike was tweaked, shifting was shot. Good and bad. A half lap later I got my pit bike and brakes worked like a charm. I chased two riders in front of me, but made little headway. About 500 from the finish, the leading rider fell and had his brakes fouled up. I ended up finishing second behind Kenny Wehn. Again.

However, two wins, three seconds, a third and fifth were enough to give me the win in the A35+ series. I was also second overall in the NMCX 40+ series, despite missing five of the races, I won six of them and was second in the seventh. I also placed 7th overall in the M1-3 race. My results from the year allowed me to upgrade from CX2 to CX1. Wheee.

Now it’s off to Madison, WI to race Nationals in the 45+ and Elite races. From there, I head to Louisville, KY to take part in the Master Worlds 45+ race. Now to try and stay in shape.

Cheers, Tino

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