CX Update from Tino. Tino still kickin’ ass for his run-up to Nationals in January

I’m a little behind in my reports..

but first, I’m in second in the NMCX series (travis has more races than me) and first in the FCCX series. I am not going to do the NM series and instead go for the win in the FCCX series. But I’m considering going to Castle Rock to do the CO State CX champs, in 45+. I won’t be able to win the jersey as I’m not ACA but I’ll give it a go.

cheers tino


Race report:

Dec 4 Cortez, CO A35+

Cold and some snow on the course. A BMX track, and a short soft dirt run up. Lots of grass, a pond, a sand volleyball court. The make up for the course. Our race started off pretty fast, by the second lap I got a gap with Michael Carroll, but a stupid crash by me messed up MC’s bike, I waited a bit, and he had to run. I rode the rest of the race solo with no further incidents, and finished first.

Dec 10 ABQ 40+

Fun sandy and flat course around Polk Elementary School. The best feature was an off-camber loose dirt section which initially had to be run, but eventually was ridable. After 2 laps with a couple of guys, I put the hammer down for the solo win, my sixth of seven races. I’m second overall in the series after missing two races in Las Cruces and El Paso, TX.

Open ABQ SM123

The usual cast of characters, including me, broke from the rest of the field in the first lap of the hour long race. I was a bit tired from my first race and began to fade after 5 or so laps, clinging to 5th. A puncture put one of the riders in front of me out of contention and I held on for fourth. I think I’ll be sixth overall in the SM123 race.

Dec 11 Aztec NM.

A return to course at Riverside Park, including a BMX track, some tight trees, a beach ride, some sidewalks and slippery leaves. A pretty fast start put me sitting comfortably in the fourth position for the first couple of laps. A surge on the second lap put me in 3rd, a rider in front crashed in the BMX track and I was sitting second. I attacked and held on to first with one chaser for two or three laps. I waited and sat in for a couple of laps leading up to the finish. A missed gear change was all the impetus I needed to go hard once again, finishing first. I now hold the lead in the 35+ FCCX series and will finish it up in Durango, on Dec 18.

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