NMCX #8 Update from Tino:

Report on Nov 19 Night CX#8 in ABQ.


Short circuit night race at SY Jackson Elementary School, lots of twists and turns, through a playground with wood chips under the swings, curb hops, two sets of stairs, sand, off camber, you name it.


Cat3/MastersM/MasW/open: Last race of the night. Got a good start and was off the front from the second lap. The biggest surprise was the sprinklers came on, making parts of the dry course a little wet. Buckets were put over the sprinklers, but some enterprising kids decided to direct the water onto the racers as they came by. I as able to relax in the last couple of laps, practiced some runs through the sand pit, and had fun dodging the sprinklers.


C123: Not the last race of the night, for a change. A group of five of us were able to get a gap within the first couple of laps. And three of us were fighting for second-5th place for quite a few laps. A mis-dismount on the second set of stairs, when I was third, let the 4th place rider by me. I was able to hold on for 4th.


I continue to hold on to 1st in the 40+ series and am now 8th in the 123 series.


Cheers, Tino

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