CX Update: NMCX #7 ABQ, and Four Corners CX Durango. Bi-Polar CX!

ABQs race was 65 degrees and felt HOT to Tino and Keith who went down from the cold four corners. A beautiful day at Vietnam Veterans park for Veterans Day. The DASH people set up another interesting course. Tino rode away from the Masters field in the morning for the win, and then was top 5 in the Pro, 1,2,3 race. Keith showed up for the P,1,23, race and suffered, as usual!







The Four Corners series #3 was held at the Durango Fairgrounds. It was supposd to be a night race, but the expense of turning the lights on was too much, so Dave Hagen bumped it earlier to 3 and 4 pm. Good thing too, because it was raining all day, and there was a bitter cold breeze across the course. James Rowan, Tino, and Keith raced the A race (Pro, 1,2,3, Masters 35+). We are still waiting on the official results, but Tino looked well placed, James was in the first half, and Keith just suffered at the back. Fotunately the drizzle rain had stopped in time for the A race, and racers didn’t get as wet as the B race tha was earlier. The longish course was quite creative, with loose pebble rock streches, cement stairways, switchback handicap ramps, fast but sketchy dirt radius, and lots of twisty smooth grass. Lots of spectators also.

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