CX Update: November 5th and 6th; Dolores and Sunnyslope (ABQ) cross races

Saturday’s Four Corners CX series race in Dolores, CO was a snowy and cold one. True hard-core CX racing! James Rowan and Tino braved the snow-pack drive over Hesperus pass to Dolores to the venue. From Tino:

“Saturday, the wintry CX race in Dolores, I place 2nd in
the 35A race. Muddy and slippery, but it was cool,
everyone crashed multiple times.”


Sheila gives us the down-low on the CX race in ABQ on Sunday:

“Tino rode away from the entire cat3/masters
fields (probably 70 guys total) yesterday – at a perfect, fast, fun ABQ
course.  Al crashed on the first lap, but recovered, rode through the
field and took third overall & 2nd in the 40 +.  Al then grabbed his
singlespeed for another 40 minutes of fun, and handily won the SS race.
Sheila won the women 50+ (only 2 of us, but I’ll take any kind of victory I can


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