TINO’s CX report from Colorado Cyclocross Classic, Boulder

One of our Crosser teammates went up to compete CX in Boulder, he did very well!
From Tino:

“2 days before Boulder got foot of snow so that made for a bit of mud for our race in the morning. Not being an ACA rider I get kind of put at the back. The start grid was pretty wide so I wasn’t too far back. Nonetheless there were a lot of bodies to get through. Within the first 500 meters or so, I was able to get the top 20 riders in my sights, with surges on the straightways and powering up muddy and sticky false flats. By the sandpit, about 2/3s through the course, I was in the top 10, caught the lead 7 riders by the end of the first lap. By the third lap I was 4-5. A surge with 2 or three laps pushed me into 2nd. A slight misshap that involved a tree pushed me back to 3rd where I stayed to the finish, about 20 seconds the winner, local Boulder legend Rod Yodder. Everyone in the top 7 or so, except me, started in the first row. 3/45

Boulder Cup, Sun 10/30 Valmont Bike Park

Snow still on ground, course was pretty muddy with about 150′ of climbing each lap in sand and mud. At the top of the climb there was a small sandpit then course snaked down the hill before going back up with a 20 odd stair climb. Then more switchback decent and long sections of off camber stuff. Then a 20ish yard sandpit followed by mud and off camber turns, cement, “Haganville”, and tarmac to the finish line. Once again, bad starting grid position, narrower start so I was in the 6-7th or so row. Mayhem at the start, but I managed to climb on the right “off-piste” to get past 1/3 or so of the pack. More aggressive riding in the mud and the first sandpit I was able to get rid of another 1/4 or so of the group. By the end of the first lap I had the top 10 riders in my sight after sprints whenever the road opened up. By the end of the second lap, I was sitting in 5th or 6th. A mechanical dispensed a Justin’s rider, a surge pushed me into a chasing group of 2, 3 with me, at the end of lap 3. I attacked going through the finish line, hoping to catch them off guard, only two came back to me. I was then sitting fourth (tired) with a lap to go, with less than 300 meters my bars got snagged in tap and 2 guys went around me as I stood a bit dazed from a crack to the skull. Back on the back I passed one of the two in the last 10 meters for 5th. Once again, I’d say the top ten, except me, started in the first row. 5/62

Photos of the course can be seen on http://www.cyclingnews.com.”


Tino is also in first place in the NM cyclocross 40+ series category.


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