Tino Sonora racing the USGP CX in Fort Collins, CO

Tino’s CX report from two days in Fort Collins:

Saturday started dry-ish and then was beset by pretty
heavy rain. It was an ACA race so i got placed, more or less, in the last row.
So had to ride like hell to move up. Unfortunately, I rolled a tire in the
third turn and had to run a few hundred meters to pits, absolute last. Got my
back-up back and rode hard for the remainder of the race. I finished 20th,
after passing about 40+ guys. Got some points, well a point.


Sunday, weather was cool and dry. Another last-ish row
start. Managed to pass 20-30 guys by the third turn, didn’t roll my tire, and
rode hard, but a bit tired, finished 13th. Now, I’m in the top 30 overall in
the 45+ USGP series. I want to attend the races in Louisville and/or Bend. I’m pretty sure I can crack the
top-20 or 15 overall in the series, which would do wonders for the start in
Nationals, and maybe worlds.

—Cheers, Tino

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