Keith and Steve take 2nd and 3rd at Pagosa Springs 6 hour XC

The Wolf Creek bike club in Pagosa Springs, CO puts on a 6 hour mountain bike enduro race called the Best of Brockhover. Its growing in popularity now in its 2nd year. It is a “bragging rights” race, in that the results are tabulated by the riders themselves. This makes the event very laid back and fun. The trails used are twisty singletrack that is easily ridable with very little techy sections.

There are many more trails in the area.

Steve Koller and Keith Ashmore completed 5 laps with a total of 63 miles. The winner was able to get one extra 6th lap in. A lap was 12 miles.

Jeanne Ashmore raced solo also, and rode 3 laps.

The Pagosa clan need to make this an official 6 hour, because its sure to get popular as the years go by!


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