Jesse DeKrey’s SuperWeek Report:

“Team, so far so good out here at superweek.  The first night was most likley the hardest
day of the whole series, after traveling all day I got about halfway and called
it quits in the feedzone and save the legs. The second night was more crit
format and went pretty well, a break of about 10 guys rolled off for the day and
we came to the line together, minus the break. I took 25th, which still put me
in the money. The next night was a super-hard crit in a local park with a big
hill and terrible road conditions. National teams from HOng-kong, Taiwan and
Mexico are all here with full squands. They lined it out for the first half of
the race and most of us were getting real familiar with the gutter! When it
finally settled down, again 9 guys had rolled of the front and eventually
lapped the field. The whole field came to the line for a dicey sprint and I had
a personal best finish @ 15th (only 31 guys finished with 80+ starting). The
next night again started fast and furious with worse road conidtions. The pit
ran out of wheel 15 laps in due to flats, I was forced to come around dozens of
guys with flats and closing the gaps took its toll. Again I was not in
contention and decided to call it a night and watch the rest of the race with a
cold beer in hand. Last night was the first true “crit”, flat, fast
and 100k all out. As per usual a break of 6 got away and the attacks didn’t
easy up for the rest of the 2+ hour race. I had good legs and was improving my
position towards the end when I had an unfortunate introduction to a course
barricade with about 15 to go. I got back in but had lost my nerve a bit
fighting for position and finished 36th. Two more to go, should be fast and

Info about this race series in WI and other states here:

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