CNM Takes 2nd in a WAR of 4-man teams at 24 hours of Enchanted Forest

We had a battle on our hands with a 4-man team from AZ. Keith took the first start lap, and was the first to come through the transition zone, 5 minutes ahead of 2nd. Keith handed off the sensor to Steve. Steve handed off to Hector, and Hector to Sean. Our laps stayed in the 1:07- 1:13 range consistantly through the daytime. The trail was dry and dusty. A few turns would put you on the ground if you weren’t careful.

Our team was in the lead (overall, and in our division) until we got into the night laps. Once the sun came up, we had a 15 minute deficit on 1st. Third place a whole lap behind by the next day.

304 miles total, and 19 laps covered. The team hot-lap by Sean with a 16 mile lap @ 1:07:19 hours.

No major issues except Keith took a hard digger on his first full lap after hitting a rock with a pedal. Fortunately, the body and bike was not seriously hurt. In fact, the bike didn’t have a thing wrong with it! After cleaning the wounds, wrapping his knee, and dosing some Ibuprofen, he continued to take his turns on the trail.

We had a great time! We’ll be back!


Hector drops the sensor in Sean's pocketHector Cruz comes in on a lap finishedSean finishes the final lap for the race at 11:45 am.Keifer on his first full lap.

There were some hard-core kids at this years race!

One thought on “CNM Takes 2nd in a WAR of 4-man teams at 24 hours of Enchanted Forest

  1. Hi guys its Paul from Bicycle world. Brian Leddy that he found your Garmin. I am glad we talked about your great crash and you told us how you lost your Garmin in the act.


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