Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Durango, CO Race Report

This year’s IHBC consisted of the usual RR, CRIT, and TT Omnium, PLUS a new Mountain Bike XC race that took the riders on a custom wooden bridge up and over the Criterium course. The crowds were as dense as ever downtown during the Crit/XC racing events downtown. Lots of parties, and cowbells!

Saturday’s road race to Silverton gave the riders perfect weather. Over 50 degrees at the 7:30 AM start, and a cloudless sky. No chance of snow this year. The clouds came over Durango in the evening just enough to cool things down for the multiple BBQ parties happening around town. Forecasted winds started to kick up Saturday evening, and lasted through and Sunday and Monday events. CNM had road riders in the Men’s Cat 1, Men’s 2/3, Masters 35+, Masters 45+, Women’s Pro, 1,2, and Women’s 4.

John Stadick leaving it all out there, RR

The Saturday Criterium definitely had a lot to spectate and cheer for. With riders in almost every category, CNM was well represnted, and was definitely seen on the front all day. In the 35+ event, Al Senft held a hard but steady pace in the last 7 laps to keep Tim Wetherhill rested and ready and a group sprint. Al’s teamwork paid off, with a WIN by Tim over Sport System’s Damian Calvert.

The Start of the Pro, 1,2 Downtown Crit.

In the 45+ Criterium, Tino Sonora was agressive and made it into a two man break that had to work hard to keep the chasing pack off there backs. They stayed away, just, and Tino placed 2nd in the two-up sprint.

Our young Cat 1 Rider, Jesse DeKrey, has been looking forward to the Criterium all year, and wanted a good result in the Pro, 1,2 Crit. Sean Peck, Tim Wetherhill, and Tino Sonora joined Jesse as support. The team covered an agressive first half of the race, with Jesse finally breaking loose in a two-man break. The break was chasing a lone Greg Krause (2nd in the RR), Pro from Boulder, CO. Greg stayed away, but Jesse was able to take 3rd in a tight two-up sprint for the line.

Meanwhile, Steve Koller, Casey Roberts, and Hector Cruz were putting the hammer down in the XC race. Steve wrapped a chain and lost much time, but still ended up 21st. Casey WON the Cat 2 race. Hector rode hard for a 38th in the Cat 1 race.

Steve Koller approaches the street bridge during the XC.

On Monday, the Omnium points were important to Al, Tim, and Jesse, who had a chance to take a podium spot int he overall. Al set the asphalt on fire with a 2nd place TT, 34 seconds off Damian’s time.  Tim put in a respectable 11th place, after all the Crit racing he did the day before. Al ended up 3rd overall in the Omnium, and Tim leap frogged to 4th overall. Jesse had a great TT to end up 3rd in the Omnium overall.

Team Results, Road Race to Silverton:

Jesse DeKrey, 14th, Pro, 1

Shantelle Pierce, 11th, Womens Pro,1,2

Hugh Selby, 21st, Cat 2,3

Casey Roberts, 27th, Cat 2,3

John Stadick, 31st, Cat 2,3

Sean Peck, 34th, Cat 2,3

Al Senft, 5th, 35+

Tim Wetherhill, 8th, 35+

Chris Latshaw, 15th, 35+

Keith Ashmore, 28th, 35+

Lance Webster, 34th, 45+

Sheila Senft, 9th, Women’s 55+


Jesse DeKrey: 3rd, Pro, 1,

Tim Whetherhill, 13th, Cat 2,3

Tino Sonora, 14th Cat 2,3

Tim Wetherhill, WIN, 35+

Al Senft, 10th, 35+

Tino Sonora, 2nd, 45+

Lance Webster, 19th, 45+

Sheila Senft, 5th, 55+

Time Trial:

Al Senft, 2nd, 35+

Tim Wetherhill, 11th, 35+

Tino Sonora, 6th, 45+

Lance Webster, 10th, 45+

Omnium GC:
Al Senft: 3rd, 35+

Tim Wethrhill, 4th, 35+

Jesse DeKrey: 3rd, Pro, 1

Lance Webster, 12th, 45+

All Events, King of the Mountain Award:
Casey Roberts, Cat 2

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