Dawn till Dusk 12 Hour MTB race report

We had 3 seasons in one day on Saturday. The start was at 7am, and was a little chilly, but not unusual for this time of year. A few geared riders were feeling froggy from the gun, and went all out down the wide smooth and flat road. Keith did his best on his 32X17 29er singlespeed to draft and stay towards the front. The road takes the riders to the north end of the singletrack junction, where racers hit the 2nd half of the course to come back to the Start/Finish area. On the final hill to the north end, Keith was solo into the single track in 4th overall, chasing 3 geared riders.

At the transition area, Keith was in 3rd overall, about 1:30 minutes ahead of the next Duo singlespeed rider. The hand off to Sean Peck went smooth. Sean did the team’s first full singletrack lap, clocking in a fast 1:00:05 lap. Sean was able to keep Vic from the Grey and Fuzzy team at bay with a :30 gap, but that team’s other rider passed Keith about 1/3 of the way through the 3rd lap. Keith held the leaders gap at :48 seconds, with his best-ever lap of 59:17 minutes. As the clouds and winds rolled in, the sun began to hide quite a lot. The cold factor was settling in about 11 am, and it was hard to get out of the truck to “warm up” for the next lap. Sean and Keith kept the hammer down, clocking times minutes faster than last years times, despite the degradng weather situation. On Keith’s fourth lap, the snow finally came down in earnest, and the trail got slippery-wet. Keith was wearing a windbreaker, but it was soaked half way through the lap. The return south to the transition was directly against the wind, so Keith was cold and shivering at the hand off. Keith though for sure that the race was going to be called to an end soon. Sean was waiting at the transition, and stated that the leaders, who had 10 minutes on us at that time, had quit all ready. Sean was determined to take the win with another lap. He grabbed the lap sensor, and took off up the hill.

After getting back to the truck, changing into dry street clothes, eating Pringles, and drinking a Shiner Bock, Keith had decided that was it. The snow had started up again, and Julz and Keith hoped Sean was ok out there. 1:08 hours later here comes Sean  back to the truck, looking for Keith. “What the Hell?” he says with a smirk. “I ain’t going back out there. No way, man, its over.”, Keith replies. At this point Keith tells Sean to go put some dry clothes on, and grabs his bike to load into the truck. No argument from Sean!

The DtD Director called the finish time at 5 pm instead of 7 pm. We had time for another lap, but we were so far ahead of 2nd place, that it wouldn’t have made a difference (thank goodness!) .

The 7 kegs of beer were flowing in the race tent, and everyone was packed in there with the snow coming down hard outside. I’m sure the awards ceremony would have been much less attended if the beer and food vendors weren’t there!

Colavita NM also had another teammate racing a 12 hour for the first time. Sean’s wife, Juliana. She completed 3 laps, and would have done more if not for the nasty weather conditions. “Julz” still had a great time riding, and is talking about more Solo attempts at the MTB enduro races.

On the way out, we found a killer New Mexican restaurant on Hill St off Hwy 66 southside: Ganaro’s. Great food and great people!

Loaded Up after the awards ceremony. Let’s get outta here!

Race info here: www.dawntillduskrace.com

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