CNM on two Podiums at Tucson Bicycle Classic!

Congrats to Al and Dana for a 3rd place and 2nd place GC podium in Tucson!

Summary of TBC weekend: 

Masters 35+

Day 1 Prologue:

Al KILLS the TT and takes second by five seconds to Travis Dixon (Now with

Café Guiseppe) also from NM. (NM beating the locals??? No way!;))

Day 2 60 m RR: Lance, Sean and Tim patrol the front first two laps. Very

aggressive race. Sean and Lance get popped on steep hill lap two. Tim still

patrols the front with a short-lived break. Keith tries a break attempt, but

no partners to go with. Al gets in a 3 man break in lap 2 WITHOUT the yellow

jersey. Break stays away and P&S team, and yellow jersey drive the pack for

30 miles to catch. Break is caught 4 miles from finish. Pack sprint, with

Al, Keith, and Tim in pack. 25 MPH average speed!

Day 3 Circuit Race:

Al in 2nd place. GST team and others attack from the start. Very aggressive

first two laps. Keith and Lance are dropped. 2 laps to go a break is formed.

Al, Tim, and Sean work to catch but not successful before finish. CNM looses

7 seconds to lead group that includes Yellow Jersey. Al holds onto 3rd place

by one second. 

Dana in Cat 4 womens:


Takes Fourth in TT. 15 seconds back.

RR: Sits in the pack until the final straightaway to the finish. Leader

attacks. Dana ties to give chase but there’s a crash in front of her. After

avoiding the crash, bridges to leader, and attacks again to WIN the stage.

2nd in GC.

Stage 3: Takes second in sprint for line with same time as winner. Gains

bonus time, but not enough for first. Finishes GC in Second by only 11

seconds overall. 

Jesse DeKrey, Pro/ Cat 1 Field: 

Prologue: Uses a standard bike to score a 8:38 time. 1:13 off winning Pro


Stage 2 RR (80 miles): Finishes only 47 seconds behind the pack. Solid


Stage 3 CR: Pulls out about half way through after being dropped.

Another solid effort. (Jesse is heading to San Dimas next weekend!)

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