2010 ‘Cross Wrap-Up [Updated 1/3/11]

Colavita NM had a spectacular cross season, racing in everthing from sand to mud and SNOW, on the East and West coasts, and a little in between.

[Updated] Tino Sonora (Durango) won the 40+ Series final at FLC in the CX series and was the first 40+ at the russell the Muscle CX, 8th overall

Locally, Brett Hawkins was one of the strongest riders all season in the NM Series 3/4 race, including top three places at 4 of the races.  Scott Larsen represented the team with placings in the 45+ race.  Al Senft was 4th overall in the men’s singlespeed division, and Katie Lovejoy raced a few times in the women’s 3/4 field.

Kenny Wehn did three of the 4 USGP series, racing in Louisville, KY, Ft. Collins, Colorado, and Portland.  His strongest finish was 12th (93 starters) on the 1st Portland day.  The races were hotly contested, and included several guys who were national champions this year.  Al joined Kenny in Ft. Collins and at the Boulder Cup in late October.  He came away with 14 stitches in Boulder, and subjected new Colavita teammate and wife to a first – stitch removal.

Brain Palen relocated from Scottsdale area to real cyclocross country and resumed racing in Seattle in November.  And we had Glen racing on the East Coast.

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