Santa Fe HC (road) Report by Warren

 The race went from the gun with Fortunato flooring it. The race was fractured before finishing the first hill out of Fort Marcy (guys like Jim Warsa and Moriarty were off the back after 1000 meters). I probably came off within 2 miles of the start and decided the best thing was to ride my own pace and not keep trying to chase the attacks that Fortunato was dishing out. I ended up 64:14 in sixth place and rode nearly the entire race by myself  as essentially a time-trial. The front group was Damian, Fortunato, M. Warren, Schooly- D, then another guy I didn’t recognize who ended up about 30 seconds ahead of me by the finish. That was the finishing order but not sure about the times. Schulhofer claimed he rode an hour and that Damian and Fortunato might be 57 minutes, but he didn’t know. Mike Warren rode really well. It’ll be interesting to talk with him and see how it played out from his perspective. I definitely enjoy mountain bike racing much better.

 I also found that my rear tire was flat when I got home. I didn’t notice anything weird on the way up or down so either I was oblivious

(possible) or I had some good luck in getting back to the truck before it went completely flat. This may be a good break since I wanted to get a new, fancy tubular for the rear racing wheel anyway.

Here’s the ride link:

—Warren Oldham

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