NM State Crit Champs Report

From Sheila (Al’s wife):

Al set the stage in the 35+ race by winning one of the first premes.  There were continual attacks due to the bounty of premes, and Al broke away for the wine preme (yes, that would be a bottle of Malbec and a bottle of Cab) and stayed away for another preme before Danny Bennett bridged to him.  The two of them stayed away, despite very hard efforts from Sports Systems’ Moriarty and Quenzler, Guy Tann, and a few others.  Danny took the sprint, so Al is your 35+ silver medalist. Neil Coleman of Bahati Foundation showed up for the pro-1-2 race and lapped most of field  (although almost everyone had done another race) and even almost lapped Verheul and Calvert, who managed to dangle off the front for half the race.  Al managed to win another wine preme, so Sheila is one happy camper, but he was pretty smoked at the end and was probably top ten – of the 15 of that even finished.—Sheila Senft

 Nic job Al!- Keifer

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