Shantelle’s Report

[Our climbing ace, Shantelle Peirce sent in this update:–Keifer]

It sounds like the Colavita guys are having a great start to the year!  Lots of racing and good results! It’s been a great year for the women of Colavita as well!  Courtney gave a great effort at Gila despite being ill and I hope all the other women are getting in some great training and riding as well! My race season has been full of fun, learning and growing as a rider! My race results have been pretty good, but of course always wish I could do better!  It would also be great if more women came out for local and regional races!

 Tucson Bicycle Classic – Women’s Pro 1-2

Learned lots and had fun!

TT  22nd – went out way too hard  🙂

RR  9th  – 30 second penalty for not signing in – learning experience Circuit Race – got in a break away with Rebecca Much which was AWESOME and we had a good time, but eventually we got caught.  I also had my head in VeloNews from the finish of the circuit race!  That was pretty cool!

GC  – 21st – I learned how important a good TT is for a stage race!

Mad Cow Classic – Grand Junction, CO – Women’s Open 

TT – 1st  – went out way too hard again!  I think I have learned that lesson now!

Crit – 1st – race was at the motor speedway!  So much fun!  I gained some confidence and worked on cornering!

Road Race – DNF – was in 1st (broke away) when I came upon my boyfriend who had crashed and ended up with a skull, neck and back fracture.  😦  He is healing well, but will be braced for 3 months!  Spent the week at the hospital in Grand Junction and have been trying to back in the swing of things since! 

Fort Lewis Squawker – Durango, CO – Women’s Open 

Crit – 2nd – Feeling much better on the cornering RR – 1st – They let us start with the men so it was a great workout and learing experience. 

Now I am training for Iron Horse!  Was up in the passes last week-end!  Freezing 23 degrees at Red Mountain Pass! 

I also just ordered a new Jamis TT bike!  Maybe that will help my TT (This time I am going to get it fit!) 

I hope everyone’s season continues to be FUN, REWARDING and SAFE! 


One thought on “Shantelle’s Report

  1. Nice goin Shantelle! Yes – lets be safe – no broken skulls on our team, Okay? You’ll dig your Jamis TT bike!

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