Dawn Till Dusk 12 Hour MTB- Ashmore/Peck take 2nd

Keith Ashmore and Sean Peck tackled the 2010 Dawn till Dusk endurance race in Gallup, NM with solid, consistant lap times. After eleven laps covered, and and 135 miles traveled, the pair took 2nd in the Singlespeed Duo category. The top three Duo teams were within a couple minutes of each other on every lap. From the 3rd lap, to the end of the race, the time gaps barely grew threw the hours. Each of the top teams had to keep the pressure on all day, to make sure the gaps held and the placings held or improved.

The venue was fun, albeit very dusty conditions. The exact opposite of last years cancellation by a snow blizzard that came in the night before the race. Trail conditions were great, except for some spots that grew sandier as the hundreds of participants ground out their laps.

Super event, and great job to all the organizers, and volunteers!

Gallup is really embracing mountain bike racing. They have 4 MTB events now:
Dawn till Dusk 12 hour, Squash Blossom XC, the Enchanted Forest 24 hour, and the 50-mile McGaffey Enduro.


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