SOLE Sponsorship


We are proud to announce that SOLE is a new sponsor for 2010!  I’m really pleased to be working with this very friendly, environmentally kind, company based in Great Falls, Montana and Calgary, Alberta.  They make an outstanding performance oriented product that is probably the most important piece of equipment that you didn’t even know you need!  Thought your $300 Italian carbon fiber shoes with titanium buckles were ready to race out of the box?  Think again.   Look at the insole they came with. It is obvious that they don’t intend for you to actually use it.   Indeed, I used to always take the insoles from my old running shoes to replace the stock ones in my cycling shoes.  it never really worked that well.  I had to cut out holes in the forefoot to make room for the corns that always plagued me.  I’d build up the arch by taping in pieces of foam.  What a pain.  And still I couldn’t be satisfied.  I started using SOLE foot beds two years ago.  It took me 5 minutes to set them up, and instantly my shoes were as comfortable as can be.  My corns disappeared within a month.  And I felt a new connection to my shoes and pedals I didn’t expect.  Because me feet are so well supported along the entire sole, pressure points are eliminated.  Also, stability is improved and, I swear, I get a feeling of power transfer I’d never had before. 

Thanks, SOLE for supporting (literally) Colavita New Mexico in 2010!  We will undoubtedly climb the steps of many podiums this year, with SOLE custom foot beds in our shoes!

John Stadick

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