Colavita New Mexico Teams with Giro Helmets to benefit LIVESTRONG



It started off as just a standard sponsorship deal from Giro helmets for our amateur cycling team – a ridiculously good deal on their cutting edge Ionos helmet for each rider.  Since our team already has an arrangement to benefit LIVESTRONG as an official fundraising team, we thought it would be fitting that we’d all get our helmets in the LIVESTRONG colors, to help advertise our connection and raise awareness of cancer.  However, we soon learned that it would cost each team member an extra $30 to  get these beauties, since Giro is obligated to pay a portion to LIVESTRONG with each sale, and they were already giving us the lowest price possible (LIVESTRONG helmets are available to the public for the same price as the standard colors).  The ridiculously good deal was now just a really good deal in a strict financial sense.  But to my amazement, we had unanimous support from our riders to go with the LIVESTRONG black and yellow. As a matter of fact, when we finalized the decision, we had even more riders placing orders! Our purchase of LIVESTRONG helmets helped raise in neighborhood of $500 for the fight against cancer! 

Link to our donation page:

More info about the partnership between Giro and LIVESTRONG can be found here:

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