Review: Bellwether Windstorm Gloves


I have some heavyweight winter gloves that I use for seriously cold rides, but they get really sweaty at around 40 degrees. I stopped into Broken Spoke bike shop (Santa Fe), to say hello to Mike, and I noticed these midweight gloves on the shelf. This is my report after using them for the first time today on a 3-1/2″ hour road ride.

The gloves fit very well, and grip is superb. There is a large amount of fuzzy material on the back of the thumbs to wipe snot from your face. A bonus is the wrist wrap at the base. This provides warmth all the way to where your watch would be. I had my watch on, and could still wear it under the flap. There is also a red pull tab on the bottom to help slide the gloves on easily. The inner liner stays put even when pulling out sweaty hands. I have had other glove liners fold up on me, and boy is it a bitch to get your hands back in!

I have large hands with skinny fingers, so my fingers get cold easily if the gloves aren’t working. For the first hour of my ride, it was around 38 degrees, and very little wind. The air felt cold and moist on the face from all the snowfall lately. My fingers felt a little cold at first, but not uncomfortable. As the hours went on, and the temperature climbed to 40 degrees, my hands felt very comfortable, and not sweaty. Perfect! With this experience in mind, I’d say these gloves are good for temperatures 38-45 degrees. Over 45, and sweat may be a problem. You can feel a slight amount of air flow around the fingers, so a serious wind chill may raise the temperature range that these would be good for. Only experience will show this.

For $38, these are a great glove for this temperature range. I found that the size MEDIUM fit my LARGE hand perfectly, but riders with fatter fingers may feel their regular size to fit right. The palm doesn’t bunch up, and the little rubber grid on the outside of the palm seems to make the road bars a little more comfortable through the long hours of a endurance ride.

I give these gloves a 10 out of 10 for this temperature range!


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