Team Rider Biographies

James Junes MV12HR James Junes
Name: James Junes
Born: Shiprock NM
Birthdate: December 11, 1970
Native American ( Navajo & Hopi)
Currently reside in Farmington NM. Relocating in a few months to Phoenix, AZ.
Years cycling:10 mainly trail riding until I did a race (alien run) then I was hooked!
I rode single speed for a season until I busted a hub. Went back to hard tail (titanium) broke the frame. Went back to full suspension carbon, broke the frame AGAIN! I guess I’ll blame it on my body building days. I still carry a lot of weight from that stint, but I keep pedaling.
The only time I placed was “2nd” in the road Apple rally 2013. Oh and also did the 24 hour of enchanted forest back in 2011 where our team at the time took 2nd in the open 5 man.
I probably won’t win any races cuz I’m a rock crusher in a skinny persons world.. Believe me I’ve tried & tried, dropped weight, dieted, paid big $$ for a high-end bike to no avail.
I ride because it reminds me of being out in nature like when I grew up on the reservation, LOVE of biking keeps me going.
Occupation: performing artist. I’m an actor, comedian, motivational speaker, writer.,
Passion play
Mile post 398
Dr. Herman commercials
Drunktowns finest ( Robert Redford)
Comedy: Canada, all over the United States, Casinos, private events, graduations.
I’m also an Ordained Minister
Which has opened more opportunities to travel world wide!
Mission trip to Kenya Africa for “houses for hope”.
I’m the oldest of 4 children ( 3 girls, 1 boy).
My mother is a Cancer survivor
My Dad James Junes sr (deceased 1971) head on car accident after he got out of the ARMY, Vietnam.
Married for 16 years, my wife Rose Junes is my backbone. we have 4 kids. The 2 youngest are twins.
3 boys 1 girl.
The obstacles in life is just that. It’s what you do with great person you are. I don’t believe we are destined to fail but to thrive.
My life could have been a tragedy getting involved with drugs & alcohol but today I’m 18 1/2 years sober and drug free.
….get busy living, or get busy dying.

Dr. Michele A. Zebrowitz, D.C.

Birthdate: January 8, 1979 – Reading, PA

Aspirations: laugh more, ride more, explore more, and help people feel great with amazing chiropractic care (Yes, I am Dr. Michele)

How long racing: I began as a triathlete (2001) and roadie while living in Memphis.  Moved back to Atlanta, GA in 2005 and actually quit riding.  Picked up mountain biking, and started racing 2-person co-ed 12 hour races in 2009. That led to cyclocross, downhill, solo cross country, collegiate, more 12 hours, a 6 hour solo, and a 24 hour team race. A back injury forced me to quit for a while, but I came back strong at the Whiskey race in Prescott, AZ in 2011 but have since tapered off after moving to Colorado. Biggest race in the last 3 years was the Steamboat Stinger in 2012 and a fun 18 Hours of Fruita later that year.

Category: Huh??

Plans for 2015: Team camaraderie, team racing, some individual events, big long epic training rides up high.  Less wheezing when riding. Maybe get back into cyclocross or Downhill?

Bikes: Blue Competition Cycles – road; Niner RIP9RDO – mountain; unknown frankenbike – polo; 1968 Schwinn Breeze – cruiser.

Location: Durango, ColoRADo

Family: Most of my family is in Georgia or Pennsylvania. I defected to Colorado in October of 2011 and lived in Boulder, Carbondale, and finally Durango.  I have friends all over that serve as my family away from “home.”  I am single, never married, but maybe I’ll run into the right man on the trail somewhere this year. Who knows!?


Birthdate: 15 February 1966, Bunnell Florida

Aspirations: to learn, experience anything worldly, help others, have inner peace – most of all have FUN

How long racing: I raced from 1991-2003, retired for almost 10 years, 2012 – now

Category: In the days I was a cat. 2 road and expert mtb. Also did a little track training during off season

Plans for 2013: get in better shape by racing road and mountain bike in my area. Helping the team by supporting them with my passion of body work and race experience.

Location: I live in Durango, Colorado  Family: I’m the second youngest of 6, my mom still living in germany. Rest of my siblings in florida and germany. I have no immediate family nearby.


Steve Koller

Steve KollerBirthdate 01/02/1975

Aspirations Be a playgirl model, make the Colavita 2014 calendar

How long racing 21 years

Category, Type of racing Cat 2 Road and Cat 1 MTB

Plans for 2013  Help the younger riders out as much as possible

Be a great worker for the stronger riders on the team

Top five at a National race

Top 15 at Whiskey 50

Top 5 at Iron Horse and Vail Teva Games

Location Durango, Colorado

Family Single looking for my sole mate


Joshua McDowell

Birthdate: June 7, 1990

Aspirations: My aspirations are to graduate next spring with an Exercise Science and Small Business Management degree. I am also striving to become a top-level pro mountain biker in the U.S. and would like to build a junior development program for young cyclists, so they can pursue their passions for the sport.

I am in my 3rd year of racing bikes. I am currently a Cat. 1 XC Mountain Biker and a Cat. 4 on the road.

My goals for the 2013 season are to earn my Pro Mountain Bike license, be an active steward of the sport in the community, and to give 110% at all times.

Location: Durango, Colorado

Family: My mother Jackie lives in Vermont along with my younger sister Emily. My older sister Becky lives in Cambridge, Mass. My father Rodney and second mom Vicki reside in Pennsylvania.

Keith Ashmore, Team Manager


NICK NAME:   Keifer HOMETOWN: Durango CO
Mostly MTB Endurance events, usually Singlespeed Category. Love the Team events!
  • Lots of top fives, Some wins at the MTB races. After 25+ years of racing, I’d rather not list them.
  • Every time we have a good time at the races!
  • Ride like Jens Voigt, my hero
  • Keep racing as long as it’s still fun.
  • As Manager, grow the team, and promote racing/our sponsors
Outside Sales for an Automation and Controls Company.
Its Personal…:
  • Happily Married
  • I own a lot of different bikes
  • Started racing MTBs in 1990, tried road racing in 1997, haven’t stopped racing since.
  • Originally from Socorro, NM. I’m a NM boy.
  • Colavita SW Team Manager since 2009


Beau Savage
Beau Savage
Steve Eldridge
Steve Eldridge
Tino Sonora
Tino Sonora
James Simmons
James Simmons
James Bodine
James Bodine
Matt Arviso
Matt Arviso



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