NM State Criterium Championships

Colavita NM owns the Mens and Womens Masters 35+ State Crtierium Titles!

1st John Verheul: Men’s 35+

1st, Shantelle Pierce: Women’s 35+

John also took third place in the Men’s Pro, 1, 2 field, after super domestique Kenny Wehn worked hard throughout both races, and lead John out to the line! Kenny ended up 7th in the 35+, and 5th in the Pro, 1,2 field. Shantelle also competed in the Women’s Pro, 1,2 field and placed 4th.

Nice job team!!

One thought on “NM State Criterium Championships

  1. I can’t say enough about Kenny’s awesome leadout in the 35+ race, I won the race in a group sprint mainly because of his work on the final lap.

    Tactice were odd again in the 1-2-3 race, but again I don’t think I could have medaled without Kenny’s work at the end. We also got some help from former teammate Jaime Gandara. Todd Bauer is a more than worthy state champ, congrats to him.

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