Sandia Crest Results

Definitely a good showing for the CVNM team at the Bill McClain Memorial Sandia Crest Race, on 6/14/09.

We had riders in 5 categories.

Hugh and Verheul rode well to place 4th and 8th respectively. Mark hung tough to finish 13th. I had an asthma attack in the cold rain when we approached the frontside of Heartbreak Hill, and pulled out. Someday I’ll have a good race!

Shantelle dropped all the women in the Pro, 1,2  field. Finishing 1st. Proving once again she’s the best climber in the state.

Kenny is still a Cat 3, and finished 6th in that field. Ubinger finished 11th. John Zarling 17th.

Gretchen Selby finished 9th, after flatting and having to wait for a wheel for quite a long time. She was in 4th place when she flatted. Next time Gretchen!


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