Mesa Verde 12 Hour MTB Race

This race happened on May 9th. I wasn’t going to race this, due to a business trip to Boston on Sunday, but I couldn’t help myself!!!

I didn’t want to go solo, plus the catagory was filled the week before, so I posted on the 12 Hour of MV forum that I was looking for a Singlespeed Team.

Two days later a guy from Cortez calls, and suddenly I’m on a three man team! Schweet!!

These guys were representing Kokopelli Bike Club (and bike shop) in Cortez, which is where the race is, so I had the local connection going on! The one prerequisite they asked of me is to be the first rider off at 7 am. Matt parked an old travel trailer at the race site, 100 yards from the start. I had it all to myself to sleep in the night before, and be ready to race on Saturday. Very nice! Much better than a tent!

"Old Enough to Know Better" team camp
"Old Enough to Know Better" team camp

 The race course uses the Phils World trails, which everyone knows is some of the best singletrack MTB trails in the four corners! 17 miles per lap. My team ended up doing 8 laps total and 132 miles! We ended up third place in the Singlespeed Team category, and received a sweet custom trophy!

The beer was flowing afterwards, and I think James (3D Racing SS Team, 2nd place) need to start bringing beers to these events. He mooched to many of my beers! I wanted one more!

Well, it was probably better anyhow, because I had to drive back to Farmington, and get ready for my trip to Boston the next day. I got home at 11pm, Went to bed about 12:30. Was up at 5:30 to be on the road to Albuquerque Int’l Airport, to catch my plane. With sore legs, the flight SUCKED! I was SOOOO tired when I got to Boston!



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